Economical Event

You are to pick a macroeconomics subject from the index of your textbook and write a brief (six page) research paper on the subject. You must use the Web and other sources (like textbooks, journals, newspapers) for information. You must use at least five sources. The paper must contain new information on the topic. This is a research paper, not a repeat of what is in the text. You must use standard bibliographic form. APA. format. Graphs, Footnotes or endnotes are required.

To the writer: Topics to choose from. (Please select only one of these topics to write about)
• Entrepreneur – someone who operates a business, bringing together the factors of production – labor, capital, and natural resources – to produce goods and services.

• Economic Loss – the efficiency loss to the economy from a tax causing a reduction in the quantity of a good produced; also known as dead weight loss.

• Copyright – A government granted exclusive right to produce and sell creation.

• Consumption – Spending by households on goods and services, not including spending on new houses.

• Comparative Advantage – The ability of an individual, a firm, or a country to produce a good or service at a lower opportunity cost than competitors.

• Globalization – the process of countries becoming more open to foreign trade and investment.

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