Economic Indicators

The idea for this paper is preparing a report for your boss using the local economic indicators

Research question hypothesis
*Is there evidence of economic/business growth in Naples, Florida

I.Macro Level:(macro, one page summary)

II.Micro Level:(main focus)
*Define overall economy
*personal income
*economic growth
*Major Industries
*Top 10 companies by employment

5.Role of Government

~All grammar checked
~No run-ons
~Not to much copy & paste
~Please use 3-4 internet sources

~Here is some info that can be used, these do not have to be used…

National and Global Information:

The Conference Board is a global, independent membership organization in the public interest to deliver knowledge about management and the marketplace. It provides information about economic indicators, employment trends, consumer confidence, and many more. Please go to this through library databases since Hodges is a member. Youll be able to access membership resources. For general info:

The Wall Street Journal is a great resource for national economic and business information. We also have archives through the Library databases. Youll also be able to search it by key words, dates and others

IHS Global Insight; economic and financial analysis, forecasting and market intelligence

U.S. Department of Commerce  Bureau of Economic Analysis , U.S. Economic Accounts, International, national, regional and by industry; GDP

U.S. Department of Labor  Bureau of Labor Statistic Unemployment & Employment rate, and pay and benefit statistics.

U.S. Census Bureau National and regional population information

National Association of Realtors  National Housing market information

Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight – House Price Index:

Local Indicators:

Bureau of Economic and Business Research  Florida economic analysis, population statistics, and survey research. Florida consumer confidence

Fishkind and Associates – Florida economic analysis and forecast

Through library resources: Username:, Password: hodges

Lee county economic Development office

SWFL Regional Planning council

FRED Florida Research and Economic Database local employment information.

State of Florida agency for workforce innovation

EDC Collier County

Office of Economic & Demographic Research Florida-

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