Economic Impact of Agroforestry

*An outline is required before I release the 1st payment: In an outline you should clearly state the objective of the paper: the question you’d like to answer or the problem and the method you’d like to apply to it.**

The paper should address environmental issues, providing an economic perspective. The format should follow a policy memo. The paper should include statistically analysis, economic model analysis, data, graphs, tables, etc. Creativity, economic insight, as well as provision of useful and relevant information is appreciated. I will provide on several sample papers for guidance. You can use a project to analyze a policy, an institution, or an economic problem. You can rely on materials on the web, in the library, and personal interviews. Always remember to quote your sources and give references in a bibliography or in footnotes. It is important that the paper has a point: analyze a problem, suggest a policy, provide an explanation, etc.

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