Drug Policy in the U.S

should have a statement in intro what you will examine, literature
The accuracy and completeness of all references is your responsibility
as a writer.  or views, main body with pro-con and conclusion, references in text
Use APA style of citation. You must cite works in the body of your paper and at the end of the paper in the form of a reference list (bibliography). Failure to do these tasks results in a very low grade for your paper!!

Here is an example of APA format in the BODY of the paper:
(Holt & Miller, 2006).

Here is an example of APA format in the list of references at the END of the paper:

Holt, D. F. & Sam Miller (2006). Family ties during imprisonment. Journal of Sociology and Social Welfare, 18 (1), 87-105.

“Be sure to cite EXACT pages and CITE every source that is not you. That is important so you don’t plagiarize. In other words, I love quotes in your paper.”– Professors guidelines

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