Don Quixote and Hamlet

Response Paper 2

Choose one of the following questions and answer in a 2 page essay: PLEASE follow the rules, and the paper must be ARGUMENTATIVE & the THESIS must be SHORT & ARGUMENTATIVE!!!

TEXT USED: Norton Anthology of World Literature, 3rd. editon VOL. C

1. Don Quixote is a product of scholastic education and Hamlet a product of
humanistic education. Argue which is best while making specific references to
the two texts to support your answer. Hint: your argument should not simply
say “Don Quixote was insane; thus, scholasticism was bad.”

___Do not use contractions
___Do not use “you,” “your,” “I” or “my”
___Do not end or begin paragraphs with quotes
___Do not use “There is/there are” statements
___Do not use questions in your paper

___Use correct MLA in-text citation style
___Include an original title
___Use correct grammar and punctuation

Your paper should have an introduction with a clear thesis and a conclusion.
Use Times New Roman 12pt. font double-spaced. Follow the rules above
closely. Papers that have grammar and punctuation mistakes will lose points.
Be sure to look back to your notes in order to include key concepts related to
these works, cultures and time periods.

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