Does this inspire any ideas for how you might take action yourself to help effect peace in a particular community or region?

View the video Kalachakra: Wheel of Time (on attachment). This video shows events that occurred in 1994 when a group of Tibetan monks from northern India traveled to Dublin to create a peace mandala for Ireland. They created and then ritually disassembled a sand mandala of Kalachakra in support of world peace and Irish peace. This was done in a very public setting, and the film shows how people of Dublin reacted to and were affected by their first direct encounter with Tibetans and Tibetan rituals and ideas; as well as the monks reaction to their first experience in the West, and their encounters with ancient Celtic religious art. Write a short response piece (about two pages double-spaced) to the film, with an emphasis on discussing why you think Tibetan monks from India, who are refugees from violence themselves and live as a minority in India, might have gone to such an effort to try to help bring peace to another culture on an island so far away from them.

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