Diversity Case Study

Assignment Overview.

Read the following case:
(Adapted from The HFS Cultural Pro-Actors Group)
James, a human resources recruiter, was working with a supervisor, Dave, to fill an assistant manager position. Maggie, one of the applicants, called James with concerns about the hiring process. She had not heard anything for more than three weeks and wondered whether she was still being considered for the job. James assured her that she was qualified and offered to follow up with the hiring supervisor that day and get back with her. James was concerned that Maggie would not be given full consideration because she is not originally from the United States and her English is not as strong as that of other candidates.
James stopped by to discuss the vacancy with Dave. Dave said he was glad to see James because it would save him a phone call to report the three candidates he planned to interview. James asked Dave who the final candidates were. Dave named Tom Smith, Sally Jones, and Greg Thomas. James was shocked and asked Dave about Maggie. Dave found her resume and asked James how to pronounce her last name. James was frustrated and told Dave it appeared to be a pattern that Dave only seemed interested in people like him, rather than diverse candidates. Dave said he is not opposed to diversity, but he is in a time crunch and needs to hire someone who can “hit the ground running.” James pointed out that Maggie had actually performed the job and would take less time to get trained on the job than the other applicants. Dave responded that he has worked with each of the other three people he named and has confidence in their abilities.
James asked Dave if he was aware of the University’s nondiscrimination policy. Dave said he had attended all the diversity workshops and understood the importance of being a diverse employer, but he didn’t think it applied in his situation. James persisted in asking Dave to reconsider his decision not to interview Maggie. Dave was getting angry and asked James to define his responsibility in the hiring process. James was confused about the question. Dave spelled it out, asking if James’s responsibility was to provide a list of qualified applicants and whether James had done that. James agreed that he had done so. Dave then pointed out that he was the hiring supervisor, and it was his responsibility to make a hiring decision based on the candidates that James referred. Dave suggested that if James didn’t want him to consider certain applicants, he shouldn’t have put them on the list.
James continued to try to get Dave to consider giving Maggie an interview. He thought that after an interview, Dave would be impressed with her qualifications. Dave insisted interviewing Maggie would be a waste of everyone’s time, especially his. He was adamant about only interviewing the three candidates he had already contacted. Dave told James he was very busy and needed to get back to work. James left and wondered what he would tell Maggie.
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1. What is the problem in this case? Summarize in a concise paragraph , identifying the key facts.
2. As a trainer, what do you perceive to be the training needs in this situation?
3. What would be appropriate outcomes for the training?
4. What evaluation metrics and methods would you recommend?
Type your answers to the questions in 12 point Times New Roman font, one inch margins, double spaced. Re-state the question as the topic sentence in each answer, for example:
1. The most significant problem in the diversity case is………

All answers should be a MINIMUM of one paragraph (seven to eight sentences in length). Use evidence from the text or other credible sources to support your answers, ensuring that you cite these appropriately in the body of your write up. You should also create a reference page in APA 5th Ed. style .

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