Dissonance & DecisionsAronson has stated that people cannot live by consonance alone. Discuss your interpretation of this statement and its implications (you may need to look up the definition the word consonance).

What are the limitations of protecting our egos through dissonance reduction? Why might it be important to admit our mistakes? Why is it that we are usually so reluctant or unable to do so? What steps could we take to facilitate the chances of learning from our mistakes? Drawing on your personal experiences, try to recall a situation in which it was relatively easy for you to admit a mistake. Discuss and analyze this situation with your fellow learners to see if you can determine the conditions that facilitate being able to face the truth about your behavior in a fairly non-defensive manner. Are these conditions the same for others?Assignment Instructions
Please scroll down to the input box to type your response to the discussion prompt. After keying in your response, click the SAVE button. Once you’ve posted your initial response to the question, you can join your fellow learners in the discussion forum by clicking the “Discussion” tab on the top of the “Course Outline” page.Grading Criteria
Click the “Grading Criteria” button below to view the rubric, which will be used to evaluate your contributions for this activity. Grading Criteria
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