Disney EFE Matrix

1-4 Exercise Part I: Disney EFE Matrix .
This exercise will give you practice developing an EFE Matrix. An EFE Matrix summarizes the results of an external audit. This is an important tool widely used by strategists.

Please refer to the Disney case presented in Chapter 1 and prepare an EFE Matrix. You will need to use the OL 421 Matrices Template in the Resources section. When you are ready to save your work, be sure to rename the file. Keep the original template blank for future use.

Refer to the EFE Matrix handout to accomplish this.

Note: For the next three weeks you will be using the same template to add a new matrix or two for submission and feedback from the instructor. Do not start a new template for each exercise. The process you will be learning is cumulative data and future matrices depend on the accuracy of earlier matrices.

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