Discussion Questions

10-21, 2016 – 7%
Module II – On-Line Participation – The Societal Context of Politics, Brooks, chapter 2 (pp. 32-75), 3 (pp. 76-103), 4 (pp. 104-129) and 5 (pp. 130-154)

Initial Post – 150-200 words – By October 14, 2016

Choose one question from the list of questions provided below and post a written response to the chosen question highlighting the connection between your answer to the discussion posting question and the course materials / content and class discussion on the topic.

Your posting is to be written logically with good grammar and structure.

Response Postings – 50–100 words each – By October 19, 2016

Read the postings of your classmates and respond to at least two postings. Present additional/alternate perspectives or, if you agree or disagree with them, explain why. You should be an active participant in the discussions. A quality comment should build on another student’s posting or add an additional point of view that references the text, course readings or some other reference material.

Discussion Questions

Have the differences between English Canada and Quebec been overstated?
Does Canada’s close relationship with the United States unduly influence our political culture?
What are most visible examples of extraordinary wealth and alarming poverty that you see in your community right now?
Is regionalism in Canada something that the federal government should be concerned about? If so, what measures should it take?

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