Discuss what role the Civil War played in the necessity for Reconstruction in the South and then examine how Reconstruction led to the manifestation of the Industrial Revolution.

Both chapter 16 and 17 begin by acknowledging how the Civil War was the resolution to Americas conflict. A war that, by its conclusion, had socially and economically impacted the South. As reflected in Chapter 16, this impact was a direct result of Northern opposition due to a lack of social acceptance for how the South chose to financially advance; while chapter 17 discussed a more economic prospective. While chapter 22 demonstrated how a social and economic conflict can have a global impact. With that being said, you are required to submit to TurnItIn.com a reflection on what you read in Chapter 16, 17, 22 and 24; as well as the Prezi presentations that have been posted. In a 12-font/ Times New Roman, 4 page word document, you are to compare and contrast the social status of America before and after the time period of Lincoln’s assassination. Ask yourself, how/did the advancements of the Industrial Revolution assist America in World War I? And after such a great global victory, what caused America to internal be in a position that would lead to the Great Depression? https://youtu.be/SIea0cVTVyo https://youtu.be/Pm9DJuTrO8Q

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