Discuss two different concepts from the textbook and how they apply to this movie (some examples include leisure gap, second-shift, work-life balance, involved fatherhood, free leisure choice, state-of-mind, institutional change in sexist language, feminist theories, Victorian ideal, masculine ideal, social reform movements, personal identity, empowerment, entitlement, resistance, physically active recreation, female apologetic, innate behaviors, sport power and performance, stalled revolution, lagged adaptation, autonomous leisure, freedom of choice, womens friendship as self-care, womens mental health, survival strategies, self-identity, body image, social identity, diversity, gendered leisure, caregiving and leisure (400 words or less).

Real Women Have Curves (2002) PG-13. Paper due prior to September 19 at 11:59 p.m. (Module 2). Content and Originality (40 points):After watching the movie, draw from appropriate references (movie, course textbook and one other current academic reference) to discuss and provide analysis in each of the following areas:Provide a brief description of the movie story in your own words, use names of characters, locations and other specific details (100 words or less).
What leisure constraints do women and men experience in the movie? Give specific examples and details from the movie (100 words or less).
How do personal and situational circumstances (e.g., age, income, gender, health, physical/mental abilities, ethnicity, race, class, work/family obligations, and family structure) affect the choice and availability of leisure activities for characters in the movie? Provide specific details from the movie (300 words or less).
Draw from one additional academic reference (peer-reviewed journal article, book other than the textbook, or trade publication journal article). Do not use general information from web pages, Wikipedia, dictionary, blogs, movie or book reviews, or any other type of reference. Each reference (journal article, trade publication article or book) must have the name of the author/editor, date of publication (published between 2002-2018), and specific information about the movie or concepts related to leisure, gender and culture (100 words or less).
What lessons can be learned from this movie about leisure, women and gender? (100 words or less).
What changes have been or could be made at an individual and societal level to address issues raised in this movie? (100 words or less).
Quality of Writing and Format (10 points):The length of the paper should be between 1,000 and 1,200 words (counting the introduction, body of the paper and conclusion).
To earn credit, your paper must be successfully submitted to the correct Turnitin link in Blackboard prior to the deadline in Word or PDF format. Late, emailed or papers not submitted to Turnitin before the deadline will not be graded.
Full APA format citations are required at the end of the paper, but do not count toward the required number of words.
Title pages, table of contents, running head, and abstracts should not be used and do not count toward the required number of words.
Write full sentences in paragraph form.
Provide an introduction, body and conclusion.
Use headings to add clarity to your work and improve flow (Story, Leisure Constraints, Circumstances, Concepts from the Textbook, Additional Discussion, Lessons Learned, Change).
Spell and grammar check your work, get help with writing from SCAA.
Do not use any direct quotes, lists with numbers or bullet points, or cut/paste from any source interpret the information from each reference and the movie in your own words.
The originality level in Turnitin must be 14% or less including citations, with no sentences or sections that match the work of other authors (with the exception of full citations at the end of the paper).
Double-space throughout the paper and reference page, indent the first line of each paragraph.
Be careful, professional and respectful with your word choices and content.
References and APA Citations (10 points):Three references are required for each paper (use different information for your analysis of each movie):
Movie (select and submit the correct Movie Analysis Paper to the correct Turnitin link).Class Textbook (use different chapters and concepts for each paper). ——-
Freysinger, V. J., Bialeschki, M., Shaw, S. M. & Henderson, K. A. (2013). Leisure, women and gender. State College, PA: Venture Publishing. ISBN: 978-1-119305040.
One current academic reference (published between 2002-2018) peer-reviewed journal article, trade publication article or a book other than the textbook. References that should NOT be used include Wikipedia, the dictionary, blogs, general information from web pages, movie or book reviews.APA citations for each of the 3 references should be located throughout the text of the paper (in-text), and full APA citations should be located at the end of the paper. Center the word References at the top of the last page of the paper, double-space within and between citations, use a hanging indent (left-align the first line of each full citation, indent every remaining line in the citation).
The list of references should be in alphabetical order.
Pay attention to spacing, capitalization and italics.

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