Discuss three different approaches for Darren: ? Couple counselling ? Family therapy ?

Details of task: Critical Research Paper Darren, a 45 year old Asian man, presents with a gambling habit which is worrying him. He also complains that his wife, Dianne, nags him about his gambling and gives him no support. Dianne is 43 and Anglo-Australian. Additionally, the couple argue about their children, and how much discipline and structure to provide. Rochelle is 15 and is spending a lot of time at her boyfriends house, while Sam, who is 13, is doing poorly at school. While individual counselling is a common first choice, Darren is keen to find out how other counselling approaches might be helpful, with the range of issues concerning him and his family. Group counselling for those with gambling concerns Respond to the following, in relation to the case study: 1. For each approach, what might be some counselling goals? 2. Outline the benefits and limitations of each approach. 3. Present an evidence base for why each approach might be helpful for the presenting issue/s 4. Describe and provide examples of the counselling skills you would require: – Generic to all three counselling approaches and – Specific to each counselling approach 5. Summarise the cultural issues you would need to consider for this case and how you might manage these. 6. Identify some key ethical issues for each modality and how you might manage these.

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