Discuss therapeutic interventions which could be included in the patients care; include any appropriate collaborative multi-disciplinary involvement. 500 WORDS 3. Discuss the existing risk factors for the patient.

Case study Kate is a 34 year old woman who lives with her partner and their 3 school aged children (ages 12, 8 & 6).
She has acquaintances but no real close friends, only saying a pleasant hello to other mothers at school pick up and drop off times. She doesnt speak with her mother unless absolutely necessary and refuses to talk about her father at all. She does speak with her sister who has mental health issues of her own, but often feels overwhelmed by her sisters troubles and disengages when she feels shes too much.
She has been a long-term client of a community mental health and recovery team with regular contact with her Recovery Clinician (Case Manager) and other clinicians have discussed some fleeting conversations over the years that suggest a history of sexual abuse as a child.
Although Kate manages her home life and occasional pert-time work quite well, she has not worked in about 6 months. Kate often has episodes every 6-8 weeks of being tearful, crying and cant get out of bed until noon. She describes waking up with a knot in my stomach and an overwhelming feeling of dread. During this time she also experiences recurring nightmares about my childhood and associated difficulty getting to sleep and waking up in the middle of the night.
Kates partner tries to be supportive but the last few years has become increasing frustrated and annoyed with her saying You have to get on with it Kate Why do you keep doing this? Her mother-in- law, Rosie lives nearby and is very supportive towards Kate shes the daughter I never had but often feels helpless and doesnt know what to do to help Kate. During the times that Kate cant get out of bed, Rosie drives over and takes the kids to school and picks them up later if Kate is still unable to do it. Rosie often misses her Tai Chi class and catch-up with her friends in order to do this.
Kate has recently started working in a local deli and caf and is enjoying the challenge of new people and daily activity however she is currently experiencing another of her episodes. Her new employer is generally nice but becoming irritated at Kate for being slow this week, dropping dishes and forgetting orders. Kate in increasingly worried she will lose this job and feel like a failure yet again.
Kate appears to be physically well however has gained weight over the last 12 months which she attributes to her regime of medications for her mental health.PLEASE EXPLAIN THE ESSAY THE FOLLOWING 1.Outlines and nursing care consistent with the patients mental, physical, spiritual, emotional, social and cultural needs (as applicable). 500 WORDS2. What questions might you ask to ascertain potential risk factors. 500 WORDS Critically evaluates the merits of differing approaches to implementing aspect of effective nursing care. Kate has generalised anxiety disorder (GAD).

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