Discuss the key ethical concerns of conducting Action/Participatory Research in an organization where a person is currently employed.

Discussion 1: Action/Participatory Research 1a. Based on the background material, define Action/Participatory Research. Provide at least 4 examples of areas that participatory research is used. 1b. Be sure to provide specific examples and Please make sure to cite your sources. Required Reading: Clark, L. & Ventres, W. (2016). Qualitative methods in participatory research: Coming of Age. CBPR: Editorial, 26(1), 3-4. Retrieved from Sage Premier Collection in the Touro library (Feel free to conduct external research to explore the entire CBPR journal). Participatory Research Methods. Retrieved from http://participate2015.org/methods/ Sagor, R. (2017) What is Action Research. Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development. Retrieved from http://www.ascd.org/publications/books/100047/chapters/What-Is-Action-Research%C2%A2.aspx Participate2015. (2015). The process of participatory video. Retrieved from http://www.transformativestory.org/what-are-the-methods-for-transformative-storytelling/collective-storytelling-through-participatory-video/the-process-of-participatory-video/ (23:59)

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