Discuss the issues in health information technology advances that will impact Healing Hands Hospital in the future with possible consolidation/expansion and the impact on quality of care and reimbursement for provided services.

Compile the Unit 1, 2 and 3 Individual Project assignments as these are Sections 1, 2, and 3 of your final report to the Task Force. Then add on the new section of material, which should have the Section header of Innovations in Healthcare Technology Continue to use the scenario to assist you with this assignment. “One of the areas of concern to Mr. Magone and the senior leadership of Healing Hands Hospital is the integration and adoption of information technology systems that would be needed if the hospital consolidated with a large health system or added more outpatient services or expanded into telemedicine. As a member of the Task Force support team, you have been asked to research and discuss current and future advances and issues related to information technology in healthcare.” This would include integration concerns with the Healing Hands Hospitals current electronic health record system (EHRs), new models of decision support systems, and telemedicine with wearable tracking and smartphone linked devices. Include the following information in your paper: Future health care reimbursement trends impacted by information technology such as big data analytics and decision support systems. Information system technologies and issues with interoperability and scalability. Innovations in telemedicine and tracking devices. Please include at least 2 sources.

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