discuss the differences in their plot analysis to yours.

INSTRUCTIONS: Post a reply to this thread. Each reply will consist of a response (200+ wds) that evaluates their analysis of the story . Both responses must begin with a positive statement about the initial response, and focus on the consistency of the analysis. The plot analysis should be internally consistent meaning that the theme should make sense for how the plot elements were categorized. Remember that the analysis can be different while still relevant. The only incorrect analysis would be an inconsistent or illogical analysis, an analysis that does not make sense within itself. For the thread analyzing the other story, discuss whether the plot analysis gives you a basic understanding of the story and interests you into reading it. Remember to be friendly and polite. The purpose of this assignment is to engage with your fellow classmates and to help improve their analysis skills focusing on narratives. Do not worry with correcting grammar and punctuation. THIS IS THE THREAD: Analysis of a Narrative Arna Bontemps, A Summer Tragedy Protagonist- Jeff Patton, a black share farmer is the protagonist. Plot Line- Jeff Patton and his wife Jennie devise a plane to commit a double suicide. Theme Line- Choice of death is the theme. Truth Value- Yes The narrative begins with a brief background of the Jeff Pattons life. We know that he is a hard-working elderly share farmer with decreased mobility due to history of strokes. He is married to Jennie, who is blind and weak herself. The reader than finds that this small family has lost all five grown children in the last two years. With this decrease in assistance, there is little possibility for Jeff and Jennie to keep up production on their portion of the farm. As it is, the land owner has often been dishonest in counting the work that Jeff has performed, leaving the family in continued debt to the landowner. While getting dressed in their Sunday best, Jeff is often reminiscing about past incidents good and bad and is noticeably trembling at points during the narrative. The reader starts to get the inference that there is a plan for suicide but nothing of the sort is definitively noted in the text. On the way to the river, Jennie becomes upset and asks Jeff if this is really what he wants to do, the answer is yes. Then Jeff changes his mind briefly. Jeff then thinks of his life and the hardships he has endured and what is to come if there were another stroke and his decision to move forward with the plan is solidified. The climax of the story is notable when Jeff accelerates the old Ford into the river and ends his and Jennies life. Finally finding peace. The theme of the narrative is choice of death. Jeff and Jennie have lived long productive lives. They raised 5 children and have lost them all in a very short period of time. With the loss of the children there is no one to help with the work that needs to be done around their portion of the farm. The couple is elderly and as time passes their functional ability is rapidly declining. Jeff is unable to maintain the level of production in the fields as he was in the past and has decreased his output of work from last year. There also has been a debilitating stroke that has left Jeff weak, which he finds as a character flaw in men. Jennie is blind and seemingly unable to assist her husband in his work. With all of this tragedy, the couple has decided to end their lives to stave off further complications that could arise in the days and months to come. I do believe in choice of life and of death. Yes, there is always extenuating circumstances and I do not believe that suicide is the answer for all who seek refuge in death. I do believe that given certain circumstances people can and should be able to choose to end life when there is no greater outcome. Jeff Patton knows that one more stroke and he will either be unable to function at all and need 24-hour care from his already ailing wife or die. Jeff and Jennie also realizes that she is not able to help Jeff in his daily duties on the farm which will lead to there inability to pay for basic life needs.

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