Discuss some of the limitations in understanding enculturation based on Psychodynamic Theory and Behaviorism.

1. Discuss the pros and cons of qualitative research? (CITE YOUR SOURCES) ANSWER: 3. Provide evidence that supports the existence of different races. Provide evidence that supports the notion that race is a socially constructed concept. (CITE YOUR SOURCES) ANSWER: 4. Is there a viable alternative to affirmative action to achieve ethnic and cultural diversity in organizations? (CITE YOUR SOURCES) ANSWER: 5. Discuss ways we can reduce prejudice. (CITE YOUR SOURCES) ANSWER: 6. Discuss: A positive stereotype does not exist. (CITE YOUR SOURCES) ANSWER 7. How can Controlled Processing of Information help to decrease stereotypes and increase cultural sensitivity? (CITE YOUR SOURCES) ANSWER: 8. While conducting research, investigators often ask for demographic information. There have been arguments for and against including questions with regard to race and ethnicity. Provide an argument both for and against including these questions.

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