Discuss several of the various examination impeachment methods, describing what they entail and why they are important.?

Thread post request for writer: 470043 References and citations must meet the standard of: The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation (Current ed.). Course: Persuasive Argumentation for Lawyers Discussion Board Posts Request (DB posts are blog type posts that students use to interact with one another, commenting on each others post). Word Count: 250-275 The professor is looking for the writings and argument be from a Christian perspective One scripture reference is required. Topic: Examination Assignment Instruction: Consider the following when discussing Examination: Recognize the structure of persuasive direct examination. Understand the purpose and order of cross-examination. The various forms of evidence. Recognize the characteristics of persuasive language. *****1 Scripture reference is required**** Textbook References (us all, or just one of them): (See Chapter 5 and 6 for this discussion board post) Mauet, T. A. (2017). Trial techniques and trials. New York: Wolters Kluwer. (See Chapter 9 and 10 for this discussion board post) VerLinden, J. (2005). Critical thinking and everyday argument. Southbank, Victoria: Thomson Wadsworth. Grading Criteria (see attachment):

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