Discuss How to stay connected and intimate as a couple after becoming parents

This week for your final project you will be creating a presentation that could be presented to newlyweds during a Christian marriage conference. This will be a PPT presentation (with a minimum of 12 slides) and audio voice-over. The audio portion will be presented just as if you were standing at the podium giving this presentation to a group of newlywed couples.Your PPT presentation must at a minimum provide guidance and tips covering the following areas:What to expect after the honeymoon period
Conflict resolution
Choosing to start a family
Impact of adding children to the marriage relationship

The role of faith in the couples relationship
The role of faith in the family unit
Red flags for when the couple should seek marital guidance and/or support from outside help
Presentation tips:The information presented on the slides should be in bulleted points (not full paragraphs).
Headings should be used throughout your presentation to provide clear organization.
Your presentation should be creative and visually engaging.
In addition to the bulleted points in the slides, you should use the speakers notes area on each slide to expand on the information presented in the slides.
When creating the audio presentation to go along with your PPT, you can read the speakers notes. You will not read the bulleted points on the slides.
These speakers notes are where you are going to demonstrate your understanding of the concepts being covered.
The information in the speakers notes should contain the appropriate in-text citations.
The body of the presentation should be a minimum of 12 slides, but can be as long as you need it to be. In addition to these slides, you should also include title and reference slides.
A minimum of four sources should be used to support your points. One of these sources can be the Bible, and one source can be your interview from Week 6. The other two sources must be from scholarly sources.

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