Discuss How effective was the leisure education program as an intervention

Using the article Promising school-based strategies and intervention guidelines to increase physical activity of adolescents. write a review Using the sources from the Malkin and Howe textbook and the Mitra and Lankford Research methods in the park for recreation and leisure services. cite all theses sources in article review.
1) Overview of the article – briefly describe
a) authors and article background
b) purpose of study
c) Rationale for the study
d) Study and program design
e) Outline the demographics of the sample
f) Identify the type of statistics used
g) The results and limitations
h) The conclusion and recommendations2) Analysis of research- in more DEPTH comment on the following:
a) connection to Datillo’s model for Leisure education planning. (what topic areas does the study address)
c) A description of how you could adapt the leisure education program for other populations (identify a minimum of three adaptions for two separate populations)
d) organization and flow of the study (i.e reader friendly)
e) Appropriateness of design for the purpose of the program and study 3) Commentary
Discuss the relevance of the article as it applies to you as a student and future graduate in terms of developing and implementing leisure education.

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