Discrimination (Ch. 18): Dress for Success, Inc.FACTS: Dress for Success, Inc., had policy requiring male salespersons wear business attire, including dress pants, button-down shirt, and a tie.

BUSINESS LAW-BUSI 2301 CASE ASSIGNMENT RUBRIC for:CASE: Dress Code Policy – Gender The company required female salespersons to wear a smock (a light, loose garment worn for protection of clothing while working) in order for clients to identify them easily. Sharon Riddle and other female salespersons refused to wear a smock. They showed up to work wearing business attire instead, and Dress for Success suspended them. After multiple suspensions, the female associates were fired for violating Dress for Success’ dress code policy. All other employment conditions, including wages, working hours, and benefits, were equal for male and female associates.ISSUE: Was the dress code discriminatory? Why or why not? How do you rule in this case? 1. Format of the CaseFACTS: You must type the case exactly as it appears in the text. Do not edit. Its important you understand what you are trying to resolve. Do not read between the lines. Read what the summarized case is telling you (the main points of the casesubject matter; business legal terms and concepts; etc). ISSUE: Quality is important in answering your case questions at the end of the case which is the (ISSUE) TYPE THE QUESTIONS EXACTLY AS THEY APPEAR AT THE END OF THE CASE. DECISION: Type one-two sentences naming specifically the company or party that you have decided to support from the issue, and answering any other issue question. DO NOT include legal reasoning here. Be succinct. LEGAL REASONS: REQUIRED-You are trying to resolve the ISSUE with legal terms and concepts THAT SUPPORT YOUR DECISION within the LEGAL REASONS. Use detailed analysis from the business law principles you learned from your textbook chapter readings to answer the (questions-ISSUE) relating to the case. You are developing an informed answer to a business law problem in answering the case questions. You can quote the text and tie the concept to the case itself–but reference IS VERY IMPORTANT–BE SURE AND TYPE THE TEXT PAGE NUMBERS THAT HELPED SUPPORT YOUR DECISION. (Minus -10 points if you do not type your text page numbers at the end or within the Legal Reasons). You must include ‘Bibliography’ support at the end of the Legal Reasons– document what you used (even if it was just our textbook); otherwise, it’s plagiarism! The Legal Reasons Section is a major part of the case assignment. A heavy deduction of points would occur for a poorly written and ‘short’ analysis of the legal reasons. Although there is no set requirement for length, this section is the bulk of the assignment. Generally a minimum of 2 to 3 paragraphs (again, minimum) is needed in order to justify your decision. 2. Minimum Requirement:
One (1) full-typed page, single-spaced and follow THE GUIDELINE DIRECTIVES PAGE AND SAMPLE CASE COPY under the EXAMS & ASSIGNMENTS button online. TYPE THE ACTUAL WORDS: FACTS; ISSUE; DECISION; LEGAL REASONS. While 1 page is a minimum, a good case normally requires at least 1.5 pages.I need a clear understanding of your decision and support through your analyzed legal reasons. Please use proper English such as grammar, spelling, etc. in typing the case assignment. Develop two or more paragraphs in detail to support your answer within the LEGAL

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