Differentiate among the following Romantic Era genres: program music and symphonic poem, bel canto opera and music drama. Include a specific composer of each genre and one musical work of each genre for demonstrative purposes.

The essay should be written in paragraph format. Write a full and thorough essay of at least 900 words not counting the bibliography for a passing grade of 70 or above. Points will be deducted for essays that are too brief. This essay is a research paper. Use the textbook as a primary source along with at least 4 other sources, one additional source for each genre, found online or at a library. YouTube is not an acceptable source. Do not list search engines like google.com, as a source. Give the exact web address of websites.
Be sure to document by citing the source with a footnote, endnote, or internal note, any directly quoted or paraphrased material within your essay. Use quotation marks where needed. No more than 90 words total of direct quotations are allowed. Lastly, include a bibliography of the sources used in writing the essay. The essay should be 900 to 1200 words, not including the bibliography.

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