Diaspora Listening Review

Write a 1 and ½ to two page, double spaced review of one track from one of these recordings (only). You should begin your review (first paragraph) with a general description of diasporic South Asian music to set the context for the recording. You can discuss instrument types, forms (musical structures), melodic and rhythmic influences and historically important facts (properly cite your sources for this information. This can include information properly cited from the cd cover). The rest of the review (1 page) should be a close musical analysis of the piece you have chosen. Be sure to mention the musician’s names. Apply the concepts you have learned in class and reading to the specific play by play of this piece. Write about what happens in terms of sound over the several minutes of this piece. You can include minute/second markers. Apply at least 4 terms from South Asian music in this section of the review in a way that communicates to me that you know what these terms mean. Don’t hesitate to also bring in your informed personal reaction to the music. What do you like or not like about the sound AND WHY?

XCDL496 Indestructible Asian Beats

XCDL497 Sheila Chandra: Real world

XCDL498 Anokha: Soundz of the Asian Underground

XCDL499 Natraj: Meet Me Anywhere (Jazz fusion)

XCDL500 The Best of Shakti

XCDL502 Trilok Gurtu: The Glimpse (Tabla)

XCDL526 Colonial Cousins

XCDL494 The Best of Daler Mehndi: King of Bhangra


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