developing membrane by using nanotechnology and low energy “ogranic photovoltaic” in Saudi Arabia Seawater Desalination

I would you to write 20 pages proposal on developing membrane by using nanotechnology and low energy in Saudi Arabia Seawater Desalination.
Please read each point carefully
– Cite the references.
– one Project Summary has the objectives as well and detail about the project and the problems.
– Project Description has the Overview and Significance and Problem Statement “ why there is strong need for that in Saudi Arabia for this project “ also why use low energy ? and the objectives at least 3 objectives for examples using nanotechnology in the membrane and using low energy cost solar cell based on polymer with high efficiency.
– Introduction and Background talk in deep and more information about everything in water Desalination and developing membrane and using solar cell.
– Research Approach or plan of work (Experimentation) including Why alumina-hexane nanoparticle and why organic photovoltaic “ solar cell “ based on polymer.
– Do each object separately on the research approach
– Synthesis for the nanoparticle and photovoltaic materials as well.
– Characterization for the nanoparticle and photovoltaic materials as well.
– Project organization and timeline
– Detailed Budget

Table of Contents
1. Summary (Abstract)
2. Project Description
2.2 Problem Statement
2.3 Objectives
2.3.1 Main Objective
2.3.2 Specific Objectives
2.4 Plan of Work (Experimentation)
2.5 Conclusion
4. Detailed Budget

You should write about the importance of seawater desalination of water, especially related to the countries like Saudi Arabia.
You have to show the importance of desalination process and how it would affect countless lives all over the world. Then, what are the existing methods for the desalination of water that are currently used right now? Then, highlight the problems with the current methods and express the need for better technologies that make this process better and cost-available. Then, write the goal of the project is to develop those technologies that would overcome existing methods of desalination and makes thing faster, reproducible and cost-effective. Then, you have to state the objectives of your proposal.

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