Developing Global Managers and Appreciating Individual Differences

Developing Global Managers
Discuss the two following statements. One page of text is required
• Explain the difference between individualistic cultures and collectivist cultures and your personal experiences with culture shock.

• Demonstrate your knowledge of these two distinctions: high-context versus low-context cultures and monochronic versus polychronic cultures and provide specific examples of each.
Appreciating Individual Differences
Discuss the two following statements. One page of text required
1. Statement #1
o Distinguish between self-esteem and self-efficacy.
o How is someone you know with low self-efficacy, relative to a specified task, “programming themselves for failure?”
o What could be done to help that individual develop high self-efficacy
2. Statement #2
o Explain the social learning model of self-management.
o Compare and contrast high and low self-monitoring individuals and describe the resulting behaviors each may have.
APA Style Required!

Required Text
Kinicki, A., & Kreitner, R. (2009). Organizational behavior: Key concepts, skills & best practices (customized 4th ed.). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill Irwin. ISBN: 9780073381411.
Plus one more source

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