Determine what geographical area your community assessment should consider.

Provide a report of 46 pages based on the outline below. This assignment will require that you go into your community and retrieve information. The following categories are grouped according to community systems, and they will be the focus of this community assessment. Much of the data will be found through computer databases, windshield survey, and talking with key informants in the community. Cite or reference each source of data collected. Section 1: Impacts of Health and Social Services Location and history of community or population chosen (e.g., when did the parish program or clinic or homeless shelter start, and who started it?) It should be census track (very small) or zip code level or (large) at the county and city levels. Vital and demographic statistics of the community in general Population density Population composition (gender, age, and race distribution and ethnic origin) Population characteristics (marital status and family types) Mortality characteristics (infant and maternal mortality rates, leading cause of death) Morbidity characteristics (incidence and prevalence rates of specific diseases) Values, beliefs, and religious practices Identify the underlying beliefs and values of the population chosen. Section 2: Impacts of Economics and Physical Environment Describing the community and whether it is predominately residential, commercial, or a combination. Include a windshield survey of the area. Describe the community and include the following physical elements. Physical elements (windshield survey of the community – this requires physically going into your community) Natural resources including geography, climate, terrain Housing and zoning Open spaces and parks Boundaries: may also want to use a map, including major roads Commons or hangouts Shopping areas for meeting basic needs Churches or places of worship Environmental inspection report Describe the physical layout of the chosen agency or organization. What is the water report for the community? What hazardous materials are within the community? Financial indicators of the area Financial characteristics of households Business and industries Labor force (employment status, occupations) Major banks, savings and loans, and credit unions Section 3: Safety and Transportation on Community Health Safety and transportation Fire and police protection Sanitation, which includes water sources and treatment, solid waste Air quality Private and public transportation Roads Air and rail service Section 4: Politics and Government on Community Health Politics and government Type of government Elected officials, terms, office location, house, availability Community leaders Politically active community organizations

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