Determine personal strengths and weaknesses, determine the best course for progress toward goals, and design a personal intervention for implementation in as current area of need (sport, business, relationship, academics, etc).

Self-assessment (using appropriate self-report measures and external evaluators coaches, parents, etc, consistent self-monitoring (using journals, worksheets, logs), and mid-course correction/adjustment are essential. This will involve significant personal disclosure so the instructor understands students choices and intervention selections. Write up must include lit review on intervention selections, including why they should work in the particular situation. Project must include all APA components and the following: Abstract Description of the client/athlete (chief complaint, etc) Assessment data (self-report, questionnaire scores, etc) Rationale for mental skills employed Research review of mental skills employed (effectiveness data, utility, applicability to project setting, etc) SPECIFIC implementation process how, when, where, how long, homework assigned?, etc SPECIFIC performance results (post-test data if applicable) Discussion/Limitations of the intervention References Appendices (monitoring worksheets, logs, journal entries, etc)

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