Detailed data description (the effect of contraceptive prevalence to long run economic growth)

Your bibliography must be formatted in the style used by the American Economic Review (AER). References to all data used in the paper must be included in your reference list and properly formatted. Research should be referred to in the present tense and citations should refer to the only to the paper and not the authors. For example, “Galor (2015) argues that…” and not “Galor (2015) argued that”.

Describe the data in 700 words and include a chart that summarizes the moments of the key data (i.e. the mean, standard deviation, max, min and number of observations). The methodology of this paper is based on the Solow Model. This section must clearly cite the source of each variable (included in the bibliography) and explain any manipulations that have been made to the data (for example, if the savings rate was calculated using the consumption rate). You must also clearly state the relationships for all explanatory variables against the independent variable (GDP) and the economic reasoning behind those predictions. (SOLOW MODEL) Finally, please clearly identify any potential weaknesses of the data. Finally please give your variables names that clearly identify them. For example, you might write “The growth rate of the population (POP) is calculated …” and then after that point always refer to the growth rate of the population as POP, including in your tables.

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