Detail two advantages and two disadvantages of resolving a dispute with diplomatic means as compared to using judicial means of dispute settlement

.2. (10 points). In addition to submitting a dispute to a court or tribunal of arbitration, international law also provides diplomatic options to resolve a dispute. Some of types of dispute resolution require third party involvement. What are the four forms of diplomatic dispute settlement that occur with the assistance of a third party. Explain how they differ, while giving historic examples of each.3. (5 points). State A and State B are parties to a bilateral treaty concerning the trade of a valuable mineral, called durin. According to the treaty, durin is exported by the Ministry of Trade of State A to State B. At some point, State A refuses to export durin to State B, in violation of its treaty obligations.
Can State A be held responsible for the refusal to export? Explain your answer and refer to relevant treaty provisions and / or case law.4. (6 points). Customary law is acknowledged to exist when certain conditions are met. What are these conditions? Provide three historical examples, explaining how these examples met the conditions required.5. (3 points). James, a private Algerian citizen, a college graduate and frequent visitor to Cambodia, was inside the Algerian embassy when he got into a heated argument with a private Cambodian citizen. Then, in front of a large crowd of witnesses, he killed the person with whom he was arguing. Law enforcement officers came and took him to the nearby police station. Upon reaching the station, the investigator, informed James of his rights, and assigned him an independent local lawyer. James refused the services of the local counsel and demanded that he be represented by a Cambodian lawyer currently based in Algeria. The request was denied, and the counsel assigned by the police stayed for the duration of the investigation.
James protested his arrest. He argued that since the incident took place inside the Algerian embassy, Cambodian courts have no jurisdiction because the Algerian embassy grounds are not part of Cambodian territory; thus, technically, no crime under Cambodian law was committed. Is James correct? Explain your answer.6. (3 points). The dictatorial regime of President Voldemort of the Republic of Harryland was toppled by a combined force led by Gen. Malfoy, former royal guards and the secessionist Harryland Peoples Army. The new government created a Truth and Reconciliation Commission to look into the serious crimes committed under President Voldemorts regime.After the hearings, the Commission recommended that an amnesty law be passed to cover even those involved in mass killings of members of indigenous groups who opposed President Voldemort.
International human rights groups argued that the proposed amnesty law is contrary to international law. Who is correct? Explain with reasons.7. (5 points). Jessica, a Canadian photojournalist, was covering the violent protests of the Monsoon Tiger Movement in the State of Ragnarock. Despite warnings given by the Ragnarocki Prime Minister to foreigners, especially journalists, Jessica moved around the Ragnarocki capital. In the course of her coverage, he was killed with a stray bullet which was later identified as having come from the ranks of the Monsoon Tigers. Jessica’s Husband sought relief from Ragnarocki authorities but was refused assistance.
A) Is there state responsibility on the part of Ragnarock? Explain using reference decisions on similar cases in international law or other sources of law.
B) What is the appropriate remedy available to the victims family under international law?8. (4 points). Dangala and Trunda are two island States situated in the South Seas. Both attained independence in 1995. Dangala was a former colony of United Kingdom while Trunda was formerly a French protectorate. About 40 nautical miles away from these two island States is the tiny island of Gora, which is reputedly rich in fishery resources. The island was formerly discovered by the French authorities in 1860, but in 1930 the United Kingdom Government established alight-house on the island and since then the light house had been maintained by the British authorities. After independence, the Dangalan Government has inserted the island in the Government Gazette and declared it as a bird sanctuary. Both Dangala and Trunda now claim sovereignty over Gora and the dispute has been submitted before the International Court of Justice. You are appointed by the Prime Minister of Dangala as the legal counsel to represent the State before the World Court. What would be your legal advice?9. (3 points). Two nationals of State L meet in State A and decide to plant an explosive device on a commercial aircraft belonging to an airline registered in State B. The device is planted in State C, explodes over State D, killing all those on board, the majority of whom are nationals of State B. Which States have claims to jurisdiction and according to what principles under international law?

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