Describe your professional interests and goals; how they have evolved over time, and how will the Schwarzman Scholars program and a deeper knowledge of Chinas role in the world help advance your goals?Based on your prior professional and personal experiences, how do you think you will contribute to the community of Schwarzman Scholars and to the programs mission?

Currently, have 1153 words I need the essay to be 750 wordsStatement of Purpose and Leadership (up to 750 words)Feel free to write this as one continuous statement or to break it into short sections for each theme.
Include specific situations in your professional, academic, or personal life when you have demonstrated the leadership qualities outlined below.

Guidance on describing your leadership qualities and experience in the Statement of Purpose and Leadership:

Candidates must describe specific examples of their leadership that
1.explore their intellectual/analytical abilities to understand challenges and opportunities, and envision solutions,
2.take initiative to act,
3.use strong interpersonal skills to inspire a team effort, and
4.push through resistance and/or challenges in reaching results.The applicant’s example(s) of leadership might address some but not all of these characteristics. Examples might include efforts such as founding a student or community organization that successfully addresseda pressing need; taking on a transformative role in an existing organization; founding and runninga startup to take advantage of an emerging opportunity. Candidates should NOT let these examples limit their thinking and should draw on their own personal experiences for similar examples of leadership. They key is to help the committee understand the candidates leadership characteristics, not just to list titles and accomplishments.

Candidates should avoid describing situations that might fall into one of the following categories, all of which are valuable learning and growth experiences, but do not give the committee a deeperunderstanding of the applicant’sleadership characteristics over extended periods of time: (1) accomplishing a difficult but typical task assigned in the workplace (2) solving briefproblems of cultural miscommunication while traveling or studying overseas (3) simply winningoffice in a student or community organization (It is, however, helpful, to describethe challenges faced andaccomplishments achieved in office.) (4) brief situational challenges (focus instead on longer term projects and challenges.)

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