Describe your Practice Location and best Practices Literature Review.

First: Describe ( Student Organizations) as your Practice Location.

Second: You will be doing canonical or library research to discover the best evidence based practices for your practice location and chosen concern. Your review should be specific as possible to the identified populations you are serving. Pay special attention to issues of diversity related to your social problem, just because you think your placement has no diversity that does not relieve you of your responsibility to know the best practices for diverse populations. Target your search as much as possible to the type of services you are capable of offering at the agency. The better best practices literature searchs will be specific to your context, demographics, type of agency, etc. Understand and utilize the hierarchy of literature available to social work practitioners and incorporate that into your review.
Use proper APA style citations in text. Include a citations page, which does not count towards page length. This paper is to be formatted
in APA style.
Minimum of 10 scholarly sources (BOOKS) ..

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