Describe the current prevention strategies (federal, state, or local) for decreasing the incidence of STDs. What are the organizations that focus on prevention strategies?

Have the strategies been working? How is their effectiveness being assessed? What are the problems with the prevention strategies?
Guidelines:The paper must be typed (12 point font), double-spaced, with 1 inch margins, and be two full pages long. The paper will also include the references (at least 5) you used in obtaining your information. The references used will be listed on a third page, using the American Medical Association (AMA) format (see library web site). An example of the AMA format for organization web sites is: (if there is an author, put the authors name first)
Title of article. Name of organization that sponsored the article, written out. Date Updated or Posted. (URL address in parantheses)).
Vaccines. American Sexual Health Association. 2018. (
Indicate in your paper where a reference was used. Example The American Sexual Health Association website states that there are vaccines available against 3 of the common STDs (1). The number 1 in parentheses indicates you are referring to information you found from reference number 1. The papers will be graded on accuracy of information, depth of information, spelling and grammar, sentence structure, proper organizational flow, ease of reading.

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