Describe how lighting is used to enhance or detract from the production. Actors/Characters: Analyze how the actors OR the characters themselves enhance or detract from the production.

For this media analysis, you will analyze how one part affects the whole media production.
Note that you should select only a single piece of media; you should not be discussing more
than one film, for example. You should choose one1 of the following parts to explore:
Genre: Explain how the production you chose fits into its genre.
Camera: Analyze how the cameras use (camera angles, for instance) affects the
overall production.
Symbols: Explain what the symbols are and how their usage affects the overall
Music: Describe how the music enhances or detracts from the media production.
Sound Effects: Analyze how the sound effects enhance or detract from the
Special Effects: Explain what special effects are used and how they affect the viewing
Comparison to a Literary Work: (Note: This option may only be chosen if the film
focus on your analysis. You can use the ideas contained in the Media Analysis lesson
presentation and the Writers Handbook link to help you.
As with all college writing, your essay should have a strong thesis statement in addition to an
introduction, body, and conclusion.
Other than your chosen film, television show, and/or book, you are required to cite at least
one other credible2
source for this essay. This resource from the course will help you
understand more about evaluating sources. Moreover, if you use specific information from
the media production and/or print source, such as a quotations, you should include your
chosen media source on your Works Cited page, too. Use proper parenthetical citations or
signal phrases, and be sure to include MLA documentation and a Works Cited page for this
assignment (this resource from the course will help).
Review the rubric to see how your work will be assessed on this assignment.
Thesis hints: You might use these guidelines in crafting your thesis:
If you are analyzing elements in a production:
In (add your one chosen production), (add character 1), (add character 2), and (add character 3) were
used to (add how they enhanced the production or explained the productions message).
If you are comparing/contrasting a book and film:
(Add book) contained (add one aspect that made the book better than the film), but (add film) used
(add one aspect that made the film better than the book) and (add a second aspect that made the
film better than the book) to better capture the readers imagination.
Here are more specific thesis guidelines:
If you are analyzing elements in a production:
In the movie The Lorax, the characters Lorax, Once-ler, and Alocius O’Hare were used to show how
environmentalists are fighting against profit-driven industries that are harming the environment and
depleting natural resources.2 Please note: Basic dictionary sources, user-edited websites (e.g., Wikipedia, eHow, etc.), and sites that house
databases of quotations are not considered credible sources. You will lose points in the Research category of the
rubric if your sources arent credible.

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