Describe a situation where important information would need to be communicated in the workplace. Using an organizational chart and the communication process as your guide, describe what the communication process would look like.

What forms of communication would be involved? Explain what each step of the communication process would look like for your situation.Next, identify at least one individual and at least one organizational communication barrier you might face in the situation you described in #1, which could result in a communication failure. Indicate how you would address each barrier in order to overcome the negative consequences. Support your response.Part Two:
See additional files for the transcript video for this part two section. Holden Outerwear: Leading Teams (6 min 41 sec; transcript), you will explore the challenges the employees and company leaders face when creating a high performing, cohesive team environment.
Provide your answers with a separate, numbered response to correspond to each of the following items:
What type of team did Nikki participate in when she was a freelancer? Describe how her team type and experience changed when she became a full-time employee at Holden.Outline the characteristics of Holdens design team that has contributed to high cohesiveness among team members.What are the potential disadvantages or conflicts, which may arise in Holdens apparel designer teams? If you were a leader for this company, how would you minimize such downsides? Support your answer.

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