Describe a Christian position on immigration, especially in light of the current ethnic, legal, political, and economic tensions in American society. In light of the New Testament, should the church welcome all immigrants? Some immigrants? Why or why not?

Final Paper
Introduction and Alignment
Applying scripture to various domains of contemporary life is a crucial part of studying the New Testament. The New Testament can impact us in many ways affecting how we think, what we believe, our emotional responses, the dreams we have, and our spiritual relationship with God. In particular, the New Testament has insight and wisdom into how we live and the decisions that we make. This assignment will provide you with a basic model for studying what the New Testament says about a contemporary moral or ethical issue and then using scripture to help you formulate a perspective or decision about that issue.Upon completion of this assignment, you should be able to:Apply passages from the New Testament to personal and social issues.
Textbook: Life Application Study Bible
Textbook: Jesus is Lord
Website: Bible Study Tools
Background Information
You have practiced the process of reading, interpreting, an applying specific passages of the New Testament over the past few weeks. In some cases, specific passages have been in assigned and in some you have had the freedom to choose your own passage. In each case, you have moved from the single passage of the New Testament to a contemporary issue. In this final assignment, you will start with a contemporary issue and then go to the New Testament to find passages that speak to that issue You will also consider a variety of passages while focusing in more deeply on one in particular. You have 4 contemporary moral/ethical topics that you may choose to focus on in this paper:
We all face varieties of interpersonal conflict at home, among friends, in churches, and with co-workers. Think of a particular relationship conflict that you have faced or are facing. According to the New Testament, what are the best ways to handle interpersonal tensions? Apply scripture specifically to your relationship conflict.
Technology has become an integral part of contemporary life, shaping our habits in innumerable ways. How might the New Testament shape the way that we think of technology and our use of it? Apply scripture to a specific habit or situation in your life that is affected by technology.
You may choose a contemporary moral or ethical issue that is of interest to you. Think through your topic carefully and consider what is involved. If you choose this option you must consult with your instructor and explain the issue and why you would like apply scripture to it for this assignment.
Review the list of options above and select a specific contemporary issue as the target of your application. Be sure to contact your instructor ahead of time if you choose option #4.
Search through the New Testament for passages relevant to that topic or issues. You may reflect on the biblical material we have covered in this course. You can also make use of the search functions on Bible Study Tools to help you identify relevant passages. Aim for some variety across the New Testament (a bit from Matthew, Luke, and Paul for instance). Identify at least 5 relevant passages and consider which one of those five you want to explore more thoroughly.
Write a 900-1000 word paper that contains the following components.
A brief introduction to the moral or ethical issue that you have chosen and your rationale for choosing it.
A brief description of 5 different passages from the New Testament, offering a sentence or two about how they might be relevant to your chosen issue.
A more thorough look at one of those 5 passages that includes your interpretation of the passage and insights from an outside source that helps to explain that passage and/or its relationship to your chosen issue (e.g. textbook, commentary, web resource).
A specific conclusion that states your perspective or decision on the issue that reflects on the process of applying the ancient text of scripture to your contemporary issue and clearly relates your study of passages from the New Testament to your position on the issue.
Be sure that you write clearly and in accordance with all APA guidelines. You only need to cite biblical passages with the name of the book then chapter and verse (e.g. Luke 6:32). You do not need a full bibliographic citation for biblical references.

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