Demonstrate scholarly ability by writing a brief (~2-3 page) literature review using relevant information from the Turabian textbook.

***Follow all directions precisely, use ALL information provided, must be MA level, no plagiarism. Use additional SCHOLARLY research to support hypothesis. Write literature review in support of following hypothesis: Artistic expression, specifically visual art and music, can help veterans cope with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) gained from the Global War on Terror. 1. Literature Review: Synthesize the published literature on your topic. It is expected that just for this assignment you will cull through at least 25 research studies and review articles (you need not mention them all). The purposes of this assignment are to develop your research abilities, and to prepare your readers by bringing us up to date on the topic. What a literature review is/does: Demonstrates why your study is necessary. A gathering of published literature on your topic. Limits the scope of your topic. Prepare readers by organizing an overview of the major works on your topic that your research will challenge, modify or expand on (Turabian 68-69). Bring your readers ‘up to date’. Present a discussion of the relationships between those major works. What a literature review is NOT: A statement, proof, or even support of your thesis. A book review. A bibliography. A random collection of articles or research studies. Literature reviews come in many varieties. People are often confused by what is the difference between a literature review and presenting the evidence in the body of your paper. Your literature review should show your audience what has been written about your topic up to this point. Organize these writings into comparative relationships and patterns for us (synthesize). Are there sub-topics within your topic that you can group your resources into? Where do they agree/disagree? Some people find it helpful to create a mind map style organizational chart to organize their lit review. If you do that you may submit it as a supplement to your assignment. Do Not use the literature review to argue for your claim. Leave that off for the body of your paper. Later, when synthesizing the lit review into your larger research project, the lit review will go within the introduction. After you state your claim at the end of the introduction, then you will commence the body pages of your paper. It is only there that you will interpret your sources to present evidence and argue for your claim. If there’s analyzing in the lit review, it’s analyzing how the literature relates to each other, NOT how it relates to your claim. For this reason, the lit review has fewer quotations than the body pages of your paper should. Of the literature review Turabian writes, “Keep it short” (107). Your literature review submission should include a bibliography. The literature review puts your work in the context of others. In the literature review I want you to openly discuss your sources by naming the authors in the text (not in parenthetic citations as you typically do in the argument/body pages). Let me show you what I mean: Yes Example A: the Smith study focused on the ways clean meat is currently contemplated in the lab. In their studies, both Jones (2017) and James discuss the hurdles and regulations that are currently facing clean meat in the supply and distribution chain. Meanwhile the Zink and Wheeler article compares the distribution of clean meat with the distribution of alternative proteins such as soy. That is how I want it written. Not Example B clean meat is currently still in embryonic stages in the lab (Smith 43). The infrastructure for developing a clean meat distribution network currently has no regulatory support (James 112). Soy has an advantage over clean meat in that its distribution network has a strong foundation (Zink and Wheeler 98). Do you see the difference? At first glance these look very similar. The difference is that Example A discusses the literature, while Example B presents evidence. You should discuss the literature in the literature review. Dont present evidence! Recall what the Week 3 tutorial said: Imagine you’re at a party and people are heatedly discussing a topic. I come in 30 minutes later mid-discussion and ask you what they’re all talking about. You would answer me in a fashion more like Example A than Example B. The style of Example B has a place in your paper: Not in the literature review, but in the body (argument) pages -between the introduction and the conclusion. Also, the explicit XYZ statement does not go in your paper. It’s designed to set you off in the right direction with your research question and significance, but in your introduction those 2 elements have to stand up by themselves.

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