Demonstrate professional communication skills to a specific audience, evidence based decision making and reflection

there are 5 topic we have to choose one. please choose one which easy for you to do research. For one of the messages that informs or misinforms you will need to write a maximum of a 2 page critique ? And then a letter to the author addressing your support or concerns over the messages and how it relates to the evidence base. ? You also need to provide a summary of your evidence in the form of a matrix table . Identify and interpret the key issues and strategies relating to nutrition, promotion of health and well-being and chronic disease prevention across each stage of the lifecycle in Australia and globally . a) An evidence based critique of the products and its promotional messages ( maximum 2 pages) b) A matrix table of 5 primary research papers which support your critique (maximum 2 pages) c) A letter of complaint to the manufacturer informed by your critique (maximum 1 page).

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