Decide on a health-related topic you want to explore an injury, illness, trauma, disease, addiction, etc.

Feel free to write about something you or a family member has been dealing with or are concerned about, a current health issue, something from the past or an aspect of your health you are curious about. Reflect upon the timeline. When did this start? Did it end? Is it ongoing? Is it reoccurring? Write an outline describing the story. Turn in outline as directed.2. Interview a family member, close friend or health professional who can provide perspective to your story. The person you choose must be someone you feel comfortable talking about the factors that contributed to being sick/hurt and how they got better. This person is someone you feel safe with. If you do not have someone to interview, check-in with the professor. 3. Prepare an extensive PowerPoint or Prezi of your health story. You will want to incorporate mixed media like links to videos or related websites. It can be an artistic composition similar to a paper collage and can be made with photographs, artwork, graphics, magazines and newspaper articles. Prepare to share with the class. Do not include personal health information or private details that you are not comfortable disclosing. It is okay to use a hypothetical situation to describe parts of your story.Grading Rubric – Total 10 points(3 pts) Tell the story in the first person, make the presentation a personal exploration & examine presentation carefully for errors. Identify the health story history, explains why the topic was chosen. Discusses the factors that contributed to being sick/hurt and how the person healed or how the disease progressed. What were the most important factors in the healing process? Spoke to current health concerns, something from the past or an aspect of your health you are curious about exploring or adopting a new health practice. Added personal information as appropriate. (2 pts) Describes the interview and provided a quote and told why you chose that person to speak to.
(2 pts) Identifies the three levels of awareness (physical, mental, emotional) as applicable to health story.
(3 pts) Creates a presentation that expresses your health story using images, video links, web links.Powerpoint/ Prezi slide should have enough slides to cover everything that is being asked. (Average 5-8 slides)

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