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Essay #2 Assigned:

For your second writing assignment you will be writing a Concept Definition Essay.

In this type of essay, the writer explains a concept that may be unfamiliar to the reader or may deserve new, refreshed consideration by the reader.

What is a concept?

A concept is an idea or notion.  It is something we can think about, consider, analyze, or interpret.  It may be a principle, a theory, a condition, or a specialized or technical term.

So, for example, a computer is not a concept, but computer literacy is.  How people function with computers and how we gain computer skills is a concept we can examine.

Here’s another example:  A house is not a concept;  it is a thing.  However, you could consider the concept of home in an essay.  You could think about what constitutes the sense of home for different people.  You could ponder statements like, “The home is where the heart is.”  You could think about notions like, “I feel at home here.”  You could think about how home may be defined differently in different parts of the world or at different ages.  A “house” might lead to a list like: walls, roof for shelter, functional spaces like cooking and sleeping area, etc.  In contrast, “home” might lead to a list like: shelter, security, place where relationships matter, putting down roots, etc.

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