data comunication

Write a tutorial review paper of between 3000 and 5000 words on two aspects of
Data Communications. The first part will be on Digital Communications and the
second part on TCP/IP Networks. The two topics can be related or independent and
should either extend that presented in the module or be within the scope of Data
Communications but have not been covered in the lecture course.
The Digital Communications aspect should include some relevant simulation and / or
analysis using ‘MATLAB’ or ‘Simulink’; details of how the simulation and / or analysis
was performed as well as results should be included. A listing of your ‘MATLAB’ code
should be included in an appendix at the end of the paper. You should also include a
relevant simulation and analysis for the TCP/IP Networks part.
The paper should be presented in a similar form to that used for some journals, with
two columns of 12 point text with headings of 14 bold point text and should be
consistent with the following guidelines:
Title of Paper in 16 bold point characters
Name of author
Section headings
References: Note use the ‘Harvard’ referencing system.
Marks will be awarded according to the following criteria:
Preliminary ‘MATLAB’ or ‘Simulink’ simulation / implementation 20%
Writing style, presentation, grammar 10%
Technical content 30%
Simulation / implementation and analysis and evaluation 40%
Referencing Requirements:
books, journals ,websites

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