Culture in the context of the ‘Gung Ho’ movie (1)

You are to watch Gung Ho movie 1986. After that you should discuss and compare as much elements as you can of both cultures, giving many examples in the movie of the differences between Japanese and American cultures, applying some of the elements are cultural variables like: Hofstede’s Value Dimensions, management style, Elements of Culture (Manifest culture, Expressed Values and Basic Assumptions), Hall’s High and Low/High Context Theory, Trompenaar – dimensions of culture, time management, communication style, Relationships, Negotiation. Please feel free to add any subject if applicable. I have uploaded some PPTs that can be a great help, and here is the textbook if you need it: International Management Managing Across Borders and Cultures, Deresky, H., (2014), 9th ed., Pearson Prentice-Hall. ISBN.978-0-13-306212-0

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