1-      How is technology enhancing the requirement of excellent customer service? Provide an example of CRM and technology that you have personally experienced. 2 .p.g

2-      – Explain the six techniques for exceeding customers’ expectations. Next, select two that you feel are most important in creating customer service excellence and explain why you feel they are important 2 p.g

3-      3- Explain the difference between high-touch and low-touch environments. Explain whether you think this type of customer differentiation is market segmentation? 1 and 1/2

4-      4- Explain how a lack of empowerment can affect a customer service provider’s ability to provide the service that customers expect? 1.p.g

5-      5. Problem solving process Explain the problem-solving model (process) and the seven steps to determining and implementing a solution. Provide a sample problem as you navigate the process. 2 p.g

6-      List 3 examples of coproduction and how each of those would motivate customers to take part in the customer service process.1 and1/2 p.g

7-      Listening is certainly a critical method of communication when dealing with customers. Identify what factors cause people to have poor listening skills and discuss why good listening is vital to effective customer service


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