Critically analyze the ideas in the text to make a claim about its overall message, and explain this analysis to readers.

Main Goals: Focus your essay with a strong thesis statement that makes a claim about Fahrenheit 451s overall message, provides evidence to support your claim about the texts message, and states the reasons for that claim. Provide effective and developed support for your claim by summarizing/paraphrasing the ideas from the novel as well as the other texts you are using to analyze the novels message. Create organized paragraphs that focus on one main point and divide your argument into manageable chunks for your readers Prompt: For your final essay assignment, you will be analyzing Fahrenheit 451 through the lens of the readings we have completed this semester. Your essay should focus on making a claim about the overall message of the novel based on what we have learned about mindsets, habits of mind, metacognition, cognitive biases, media influence, how we use the internet, how the internet uses us, and so on. Note that you are not expected to address all of these concepts in your essay, but you should try to focus on using at least two to analyze the novel itself. In coming up with your essays focus, I encourage you to think about all that youve learned in the texts weve read this semester, but in your essay, you only need to discuss three of these texts alongside Fahrenheit 451: Grit from Angela Duckworths TED Talk The Key to Success? Grit and Angela Duckworths article The Significance of Grit Habits of mind from the excerpt from Framework for Success in Postsecondary Writing Fixed Mindset and Growth Mindset from Carol Dwecks article Brainology Cognitive biases, as discussed in the first chapter of Blindspot, Mindbugs, Confirmation Bias and the Power of The role of the internet in our day-to-day lives, our learning, and our society, as covered in Nicholas Carrs The Shallows: What the Internet is Doing to Our Brains and Tom Nichols The Death of Expertise. This is not an exhaustive list of all of our readings and you may certainly refer to others, but these are a good starting point to discuss a number of messages in the novel. Feel free to incorporate other readings, as well. You may also find your own outside sources, but ensure they are academically appropriate and cited correctly. Your outside sources, however, may not substitute one of the three readings from class you choose to supplement your analysis. Remember to consider the grey areas and to think about the complexities in both the novel and other texts. In your essay, be sure to include support for your argument with relevant ideas, information, and quotations from both the novel itself and the three (minimum) outside texts to which youre referring. You must demonstrate that youve carefully read Fahrenheit 451 and the other texts this semester, and that you have fully considered different viewpoints and evidence. Show you are really thinking about the topicthese are complex ideas, so dont settle for easy answers. Write so that someone who is not in our class could understand it. Assume your audience has not read any these texts. Write at least 4 complete pages, typed, 12 point font, double-spaced, 1 inch margins. You should also include a Works Cited page. (Since you wont be printing this essay, please adhere to standard MLA formatting.)

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