Critical Reflection and Analysis Summary

There are 2 articles by Karl Lowith and Irving M. Zeitlin that have to be summarized in which you must demonstrate critical reflection and analysis of each. In addition, you have to refer these 2 articles to 4 more articles out of the other 19 articles that I have attached. The use of articles/ readings/ books other than the ones specified will NOT be accepted.

In this summery you MUST address the following questions:

1. (10%) What central problem does each author seek to address?: (Main thesis: Is it well-defined and clearly expressed?)

2. (25%) How does each author seek to address this question/problem?: (Supporting arguments?)

3. (25%) How does each author’s use of methodologies (e.g. level of analysis, data sources) help provide insight into this question? (Substantiation, elaboration, illustration – what kind of evidence/ examples are used? How well substantiated are the supporting arguments?)

4. (10%) What contribution(s) (theoretical, methodological, and/ or empirical) does each author make to our sociological understanding of the world today?

5. (30%) How does each author’s argument compare/ contrast with others we have read?: (Ther are 19 additional articles that I have provided and you have to refer to at least 4 of them)

Please DO NOT confuse the main articles (Karl Lowith and Irving M. Zeitlin) that have to be summarized with the ones that you just have to refer to them. I have attached the main 2 articles at first and the other 19 articles that you have to refer to after them. So, it should be clear but if you are still not sure, please message me.

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