Critical reading review of “Shattering the glass, the emarkable history of womens basketball ‘ by Pamela Grundy and Susan Shackelford

Professor requires this before I discuss the book with him.Assignmnet must include, thesis, main argument the authors present,evaluate the quality of evidence the authors present to support their points,consider three significances of the books arguments, what contribution does it make to the field of sports history, womens history, issues of gender, sexuality, race and ethnicity ? This is a reading assignment used to expore issues to determine if I can use this in my masters thesis about barnstorming womens professional basketball i the 1950s, practcally noything has been written about it, but the authors do mention AAA womens basketball and the ( professional women basketball teams of ) All American Redheads, as well as the Arkansas Travelers, the team I am writing about the " Texas Cowgirls are not mentioned " thanks no fancy academic language, I never use it, this book use contemprary oral history interviews as well as newspaper articles, periodicals such as Sports Illustarted, etc, covers alarger time span than my thesis, I am concentrating on the late 1940s and entire 1950s.there is an excellent review written by Steve Weinbery August 30,2005 for th eChristain Sceince Monitor, entitled Women and Hoops and uneasy Truce, I am just not sure of the thesis and def need it…

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