Critical Lens Essay





Critical Lens Essay


From a literal standpoint, a critical lens can be considered as the illusions that a person presents to him or herself as being true. Such illusions are normally not true and may go against what is really the case. In The Death of a Salesman, the author utilizes his assertions of the critical lens to project his own themes. I personally agree with the application of this assertion by an author. It enables the reader to identify similarities between two different works. One is able to identify how they relate with each other. There is no meaning in truth if a man only believes what he wants. Critical lens avails itself in many scenes of literature. For an individual to know the truth and appreciate it, he or she has to be willing. If the same person puts his beliefs on something, and it either happens to be false or wrong, it would be very hard for them to appreciate or accept the truth.

People who believe in what they please never care for anything else that matters. Others go to the extent of believing in a material fact because they are afraid of the truth of the matter. The reason might be that the truth poses a threat to their lives or harm them. Arthur Miller’s ‘Death of a Salesman” is a work of literature that supports my understanding on critical lens. Characters depicting this quote are usually not subject to reason and are not open to suggestions. This causes the truth to lack meaning. In Arthur’s Death of a Salesman, there is a character named Willy Loman. Willy plays the role of a loving father with two sons, Happy and Biff; husband to Linda. He is deeply wallowing in the American dream, putting all his beliefs in the dream, thinking that having an adorable status will bring forth great success. Before he was fired, Willy used to work as a traveling salesman. He used to believe that working as a salesperson was his mission and calling in life. In his beliefs, he was never meant undertake any other career.

Nevertheless, Willy never quite excelled in his preferred career as a salesperson. It all seemed that if he engaged in physical work involving his hands, he would be in a better position to succeed. In reality, he would appear much happier and productive when he engaged in physical work. He was very stubborn believing that he would only work well as a salesperson, insisting that he was highly liked by the locals. Willy was not popular or likeable at all. To Willy, this truth possessed no meaning. Under no circumstances would he believe it. If he appreciated this truth and accepted it, then his whole life would have proved to be a waste. This would have meant that he was bringing up his sons with the wrong kind of life mentality.

One literally element visible in Death of a Salesman is reality versus illusion. The element coincides brilliantly with the critical lens quote. Willy is disillusioned by his beliefs not believing what is in front of him. The reality of the situation is the truth and Willy does not want to accept this. He was so engulfed in the illusion thinking that he was leading his sons in the right way. He wanted them to take over the sales business and succeed where he failed, notwithstanding that Biff had other plans of his own.

Death of a Salesman is a brilliant piece of literature art. Arthur Miller’s work in this book helps to depict an interpretation in the quote of critical lens. People believing in something without any regard for a long time, thinking that there is no possibility of their belief being false; usually close out the truth for their own good. Consequently, their actions cause many problems for the people around them as well as themselves. Their beliefs are so strong willed that giving them so much pride, taking lightly every other thing that matters. They do not take into account any advice offered by others or the reality of the matter. For truth to bear any significant meaning, people need to open up to others and seek help regarding the matter. They need to undertake logical thinking and be open-minded to the reality facing them. If this were the case, everybody in general would live happier lives with minimal risks.


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