Critical Analysis

As part of this course, you are expected to learn and understand that there are a variety of risk analysis methodologies in existence. As such, this week’s primary assignment will be to compare and contrast six methodologies identifying the similarities and differences between them. I am also looking for a position put forward by the student regarding the appropriateness of using a security-based methodology for non-security hazards/events/threats. In effect, can a security related methodology be converted for use in a non-security related context. The position put forward is expected to be defensible with facts. A summary of your findings explaining how you arrived at your conclusions is expected. Four of these methodologies will be provided; you are expected to bring two risk methodologies of your choice to the matrix.

Methodologies for comparison will include:

1.Broder’s Risk Analysis and the Security Survey
2.ASIS International Risk Assessment Guideline
3.Risk Management for the Fire Service (1999)
4.GSA Risk Analysis for Extreme Events
5.A Practical Guide to Risk Assessment (PriceWaterHouseCoopers)
6.A risk methodology of your choice

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