Choose and answer ONE of the following questions:
Option 1. Recent crime prevention policy and initiatives can be seen as highly politicised. Discuss the
link between law and order politics, fear of crime and crime prevention strategy using local examples.
Option 2. Citing examples, provide a critical analysis of preventive policing strategies (ie. Hotspot, zero –
tolerance, problem-oriented policing etc.) and discuss their impact on the community. In your answer,
discuss why these strategies are popular and if there are any side-effects on police/community
Option 3. The crime prevention industry is growing at a rapid pace in Australia and around the world.
Critically discuss this trend and outline some of the key dangers that may emerge from the
commercialisation of crime control.
Option 4. Discuss the importance of evaluation to crime prevention strategy. Why is it so important in
producing effective crime policy and prevention strategies?

•Must use at least 10 academic sources.
•You must engage with the key texts used throughout this unit.
•You are encouraged to do some media research to support your argument when it is relevant, but this
is NOT a substitute for academic sources.
•You are encouraged to use government policy documents, statistics etc.
•You need to relate your essay to the specific topic provided in thisGuide. You cannot create your own
topic. Itis essentialthat you read the instructionsfor your assignment.
•You are expected to have basic knowledge about how to do academic research (both online and in the
Library). If you would like help, or are unsure about how to research academic material, please ask
either your unit coordinator or tutor for help. If you do require help, please ensure that you that
approach your teaching staff well before the assignment due date.
•Wikipedia is not an academic source!
•Make sure you follow the Harvard referencing style guide from the UWS Library website.
•Preparation is key to good writing. The more time you spend mapping out your assignment, the more
likely it is that you will produce a coherent and convincing argument.
•Your essay should be 1.5 or double spaced.
•Your assignment should be sufficiently titled so as to indicate the question you have selected.
•Your reference list must be included at the end of your essay. Failure to include a reference list can
result in an automatic failure and can constitute serious academic misconduct.
•Avoid overly long sentences and . Simple is better.
• You need to read your essay prior to submission. If it doesn’t make sense to you, it won’t make sense
to your marker either.
•Make sure all your references are fully and properly acknowledged (including page numbers for direct quotations).

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