Creating an Experiment Utilizing the Scientific Method

Pathway: Industry, Manufacturing, Construction & Transportation (IMC) Lets set up an experiment using the Scientific Method based on the following observation: A friend of yours wants to build a dog house for his beloved puppy, he is adamant that it should be constructed entirely out of wood. He wants to research which wood type is more resistant to termites: Cedar or Southern yellow pine. Set up a fictional experiment which would test potential termite damage in cedar versus southern yellow pine wood. Your experimental write up should include: – A weblink relating to background info on your experiment (such as this CDC link – A clearly stated hypothesis (remember this is your educated GUESS as to what the outcome of the experiment will be) – An experimental design – Description of the independent, dependent and standardizing variable. This experimental design is limited to a 1 page write up, Times Roman Font, size 11. Please refer to the example below for the write up format. Final submissions will be done through D2L. Below is an example of an experimental write up using a different observation: Observation: Most people either prefer Coke or Pepsi as their soda of choice. Investigate which soda is the majority favorite in the United States Weblink: Hypothesis: If given a choice, most people would prefer the taste of Coke over Pepsi Experimental Design: 20 people will be selected at random and asked to drink out of 2 cups labeled A and B. The subject will then point to their favorite drink. The experimenter will record how many A cups and B cups are favored by the group. Only the experimenter will know which labeled cup correlates with Coke and Pepsi. Independent variable: the experimenters selection of 20 random individuals, labeling the cups A and B Dependent variable: the subjects favoring either cup A or B Standardizing variable: all subjects will drink out of 2 cups, their choices are only limited to Coke and Pepsi

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